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Gratitude and Difficult Economic Times

We are living in difficult economic times.  Layoffs occuring at the rate of 5,000 per day.  Housing prices continue to falter, with a leveling off seeming to never come.  We worry about our jobs, our financial situation, and the economy. But look at what's happening. We're in a state of worry and fear.  Worry causes us to look ahead in fear and failure.  How do we counteract worry and reshape our situation? 


Gratitude has us looking at ourselves here and now, as well as in the future.  By becoming witness to all of our blessings, our future becomes supercharged with optimism and can-do.  Yes, these difficult times will pass, but fear and worry don't create opportunities for a better future.  Only an attitude of gratitude does.

To help you reshape yourself to meet these difficult times, we have found three great inspirational and informative articles. 

"Intelligent Motivation: Tips for Tough Economic Times"  Jim Cathcart
A no-nonsense guide to help you to refocus during these difficult times. "The first principle is definite purpose and the second is gratitude. Know what you want and give thanks for it even before you have received it."

"A Quarter Second Difference"    Dr. Greg Sipes
Dr. Sipes talks about how our brain interprets and shows how to focus your brain on what you need and desire.  "Your brain is “wired” in such a way that you can respond to any crisis, including this economic downturn." 

"Tough Times Are When Gratitude Counts Most"  Colleen Carroll Campbell
This Thanksgiving article is just as appropriate today.
"There is something about scarcity and distress that forces us to focus on what we have, rather than what we have lost."




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