You could have
every material thing
you desire-
and not find happiness,

But you could
be poor financially,
and have profound

The difference isn't

the difference
is gratitude.



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Thank you... for the simple beauty of life!

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          "Give thanks for a little,
                                     and you will find a lot "
                                                               -The Hausa of Nigeria

It is amazing how being kind to others radiates joy back into our lives. You may have read in biblical scriptures where the rewards to you are "sevenfold."  But how does being gracious bring us happiness?  And how does our happiness increase by being grateful?

Be thankful.  Be gracious.  Be happy.

thankful_always Give to others,
with the innocence of a child,

and you'll awaken the inner joy of your youth.

Have you noticed when you have done something for someone else, or have given a gift to someone else (for example, a compliment, a card, a present), that you imediately feel good?  Where is this feeling originating from?   You're feeling the energy that the person you gave the gift to is radiating.  You're feeling their energy.  Doesn't that feel great?  Here's another fact that you may not be aware of.  Anyone who see's you give the gift also gains from your energy of giving.  Just seeing you give to another person lifts others feelings in the immediate vicinity.  And those observers also radiate happiness back to you.

Be thankful.  Be gracious.  Be happy.

      "We make a living by what we get.
                       We make a life by what we give."

                                                            - Winston Churchill

By making someone's day a bit better, that positive energy continues on like a ripple in a pond outwards helping others throughout the day.  And many times without realizing it, that positive energy is being reflected back to you- the gracious giver. You have begun to create a positive impression of yourself in their mind which will lead to positive, happy feelings whenever your paths cross. And remember the observers? They too have altered their feelings towards you.

You are experiencing the "Law of Reprocity."

The Law of Reprocity states: " When you give to others, they in turn feel obligated to return the favor."   Therefore, if you want happiness, give happiness to others; if you want to be appreciated, appreciate others; if you desire material possessions, help others to achieve what they desire. Give freely.  Give to others, wanting nothing in return, and everything you desire will come back to you.

Be thankful.  Be gracious.  Be happy.

"It should sober us to see in (the bible chapter) Romans that failure to be grateful is stated as
one of the most basic of human transgressions,
as a sin that provokes the wrath of God."
-Jim Harmon on Romans (1:18-23)


Have You Given Thanks Today For:

Your Family?
Your Health?
Your Friends?
Your Faith?
Your Job?
Your Home?
Your Belongings?
The People You  Encountered Today?

Have you noticed the beautiful world around you?
The Air You Breathe?
The Sky?
The Clouds?
The Trees?
The Flowers?
The Animal Kingdom?

Did someone do a good deed for you? 
Did You Say Thanks?

Have you done something special for someone else today?

Lend a hand? 
Lend an ear? 
Give a compliment?

Did you give without expecting anything in return?

Did you avoid judgement and offer understanding?

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