"Cleansing Your Mind With Gratitude"










Appreciate this moment you have.



For when this moment has passed,
it is forever lost.




But with gratitude,
this moment will live on forever.




Gratitude and Worry


"Faith is born of gratitude.
The grateful mind continually expects good things and expectation becomes faith."

-Wallace Wattles



How many times during the day do you hear someone say that they are “worried” about something? Worry is an easy trap to fall into, and once you start down this path, the path widens for you to add more worries.

Worrying is living in fear- “Worrying is wishing and asking, for what you don’t want to happen, to occur."

Worrying about something is what I like to call, playing the "WHAT IF? game.

Got a moment? Let’s play “What if…?”

This can be a fun game. Insert your worry into the following phrase, “What if ___________? For example, What if I have a terrible disease? What if I lose my job? What if I get in a terrible accident? Boy, that’s bad, bad stuff. Maybe you want to add some more things to the list. In fact, you’d have a great beginning to your own personal pity party. But before you go too far into what could go “wrong,” it’s time to move on to the next step of the game.

Here is where the game takes an unusual twist. Flip your worry into the positive. For example, What if I DON’T have a terrible disease? What if I DON’T lose my job? What if I DON’T get into a terrible accident? This really changes the way we look at things doesn’t it?

Let’s take this one step further. If I don’t have a terrible disease, that would mean I would be healthy. And if I am healthy, I would be THANKFUL for the good fortune of my health. If I didn’t lose my job, I would be THANKFUL for my job. If I didn’t get in a terrible accident, I would be THANKFUL that I was safe. Seeing a pattern?

As you can see now, worry is a LACK OF GRATITUDE. You are asking for your gifts to be taken away. It’s by not appreciating what God gives you that creates worry.

Worry is saying, “I am NOT thankful for my health.” “I am NOT thankful for my job.” “I am NOT thankful that I am taken care of every day.”

Open your eyes to all the goodness in the world around you. There are hundreds of things GOING RIGHT for you everyday, most you’re not even aware of.

I had a friend who was concerned about his job. “With this economy, you don’t know what will happen.” “True,” I said, “but with 8% unemployment that still leaves 92% employed. That’s not bad odds!” “But that’s easy to say when you’re not the one on the cutting block.” “If you really feel that way, turn your worry into positive action,” I said. “Are you doing the best you can your current job? Are you prepared for a downturn? Have you come up with some other ways to create income- should you need to? Have you built a contact list of people to call- should you need to? Are there some cuts you can make to get by on less?” “Well, kinda,” he said. “Now, what’s going right for you?” I asked. “Well, I have my job.” “Yessss…” I responded. “Well, I have a great family. And, ah, I have my health. “ “What else,” I asked. My friend thought for a while. “I have the opportunity’s and blessings that others would give their left arm for.” “Exactly!” I said. “If you live in fear, others will sense it. But if you’re gracious and positive, others will sense confidence and will want to be with you. Whom would you rather be around in difficult times?” My friend left inspired and to this day, he still is employed.

Hard times and good times happen in life. At its essence, worrying shows a lack of faith in God, or your higher power. If you keep worrying about something, you are asking God for your worry to happen. And, what you worry about, in time, WILL materialize.

The next time you feel worried, immediately put the bad thought out of your mind and turn to your faith. Be thankful for whatever occurs. In gratitude, you realize that what happens will be in your best interest- whether you agree with it or not. Instead of trying to “control” a situation with worry, release the fear of worry and be thankful. You will sense peace and calm. This is the natural state of life.

Enjoy what comes your way… and enjoy life!




     "When do people really start to live?
When they face death."

- Anthony Robbins    

Gratitude and Death.

It seems that out of everything, comes something good.

I attended the funeral of my brother-in-law this week. During the sermon, his past life was recalled. Where he was born, his high school, his military experience, his occupation. The pastor went on to discuss the things that he enjoyed in life. What his favorite hobbies were. How he loved farming, and enjoyed looking at the sunsets. The time he spent with his kids, the vacations, the trials, the joys. I was amazed at how little I knew about my brother-in-law!

Many times we don't slow down enough to appreciate the life of those we care about.

I was reminded of my own pain, the pain of my son's death some 25 years ago. I will never,- ever forget the pain of holding my dying son in my arms. Seeing his face, stroking his hair... I'll never forget the last time his eyes looked at me as if to say, "it's okay, dad!"

I will never forget, that as my son's life drifted away, the world kept going. People kept going about their daily routines. As I drove home from the hospital, I remember people cutting others off in traffic and honking their horns. Did they really appreciate the gift of life they still had?

This was a life-changing event that I will be eternally grateful for. Looking back on my son's death is hard, but seeing what came to me because of that event, I can see that I'm truly blessed.

Before my son's illness, I was consumed in the material world. I went to work to make as much money as I could, to buy material things that I would soon become disappointed with. And the cycle would start anew. I did not take time to appreciate all that I had. Not a single moment. I was seeing happiness in how much I could achieve, acquire and consume.

My son Matthew's death opened my eyes and changed my life forever. I began to see life differently. Matthew showed me how to appreciate every moment of life. I enjoy every new day, every sunset. I appreciate those lives I encounter. It was by slowing down and appreciating, that I found the greatest gift of life- gratitude!

Gratitude has enabled me to live a fulfilled, happy life.

Another's death is our opportunity to appreciate and enjoy everything that we've been given. Death, though final, gives new life to those who survive. If we live a life of gratitude,- abundance and joy will be ours.


I will always be grateful.

Thank you for this beautiful day. Thank you for the beauty of all natural things. Thank you for the wind that blows upon my face and thank you for the sun that gives life to the world around me.

Thank you for the people I will encounter this day. Thank you for all the things that I will learn from them, and for the joy they will bring into my day.

Thank you for my family. Thank you for my wife who has brought me countless joys. Thank you for my children, who without, my life would be incomplete. Thank you for all the laughs and conversations. Thank you for the trials and what we have learned from them.

Thank you for who I am. Thank you for the talents you have given me. Thank you for the experiences that my talents have brought me.

I will always be grateful.

Thank you for the gift of life.

If I am no longer able to work, I will be thankful for all of the talents I was given.
If I am no longer able to walk, I will be thankful for all the times I was able to run, jump and laugh.
If I am no longer able to see, I will be thankful for all the beautiful sights I’ve seen.
If I am no longer able to feel the wind on my face, or feel the warmth of the sun, I will be thankful for days that I was given to enjoy.
If I am no longer able to be with a loved one, I will be thankful for all of the precious moments we had together.
As the pains of old age set in, I will be thankful for the times I felt healthy and happy.
And on my deathbed, I will be thankful for the wonderful life I was blessed with.

I will always be grateful.


Gratitude is a gift that can not ever be taken from us. It helps us to appreciate what others that have died, have done for us. It helps us to remember the special moments and joys that the deceased have brought into our lives. Through gratitude, our loved ones never die, but live on forever in our memories and prayers of thanks.

Thank you my son Matthew, for showing me the gift and joys of gratitude.


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